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Automation and artificial intelligence are transforming every aspect of modern life, with benefits for those who adopt these technologies and costs for those who are left behind. To help market researchers, especially sensory and consumer scientists, leverage automation and prepare for the rise of artificial intelligence, Dr. John Ennis and Dr. Ruth Brown-Ennis founded Aigora.

Aigora is a blend of the words AI and Agora.  AI refers to Artificial Intelligence, while Agora refers to both the Portuguese word for "now" and to the ancient marketplace of Athens. Hence Aigora means:

"Now is the time for market researchers to prepare for artificial intelligence."

At Aigora, we believe:

  1. Learning never ends and continuous improvement is the only sure path to success

  2. Human and machine intelligence together are superior to either intelligence individually

  3. Humans learn best through coaching and mentoring by other humans

  4. Storytelling is the best way to transmit information to humans

  5. High-end analytics must be combined with skillful design to maximize business impact

Core Beliefs


At Aigora, we believe the most efficient way to prepare sensory and consumer scientists for the rise of artificial intelligence is through personalized coaching using a layered approach.


Our services and training programs are designed to address all four layers of this pyramid, so that sensory and consumer scientists can leverage tools for automation while preparing for the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence.