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There are already 30+ members in AigoraPlus, including many members from Fortune 500 companies.  Space is limited - register today!

AigoraPlus is a unique learning environment focused on building a community of sensory and consumer scientists seeking to prepare for artificial intelligence.  This environment - offered as an annual membership program - features tutorials, webinars, monthly teleconferences, an online discussion forum, and in-person meet-ups at conferences so that AigoraPlus members can network, learn, and develop together.

AigoraPlus memberships include:

  • Invitations to and recordings of four quarterly webinars

  • Access to eight tutorials focused on automated reporting, offered on months without webinars

  • A 30-minute onboarding teleconference with Dr. John Ennis to help with AigoraPlus orientation

  • Invitations to and recordings of monthly networking teleconferences with the AigoraPlus group

  • Quarterly 30-minute "check-in" teleconferences with Dr. John Ennis to ask questions and provide feedback

  • Access to AigoraPlus members-only message board for discussion, resource sharing, and networking

  • Bi-weekly email recap of all AigoraPlus activity

  • Invitations to AigoraPlus members-only events at conferences

  • Opportunity to request topics for webinars and tutorials
  • Priority access to Dr. John Ennis at conferences

AigoraPlus members are only $996/year for industrial memberships or $498/year for academic memberships!