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Dal Perio - Remembering Rose Marie

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Dal Perio is currently a Senior Manager of Product Insights at Starbucks Coffee Company. His 30-year career in the food industry includes positions in Sensory Science, Consumer Research and Marketing Research.

In addition to Starbucks, Dal has worked for the Fortune 500 companies Johnson & Johnson, Dean Foods, Campbell’s Soup and Wrigley, in sensory, marketing research and culinary roles. He worked at Tragon Corporation, Diageo, Pepperidge Farm, WhiteWave Foods and Unilever. He led a variety of programs including Product Innovation, Culinary, Exploratory Consumer Research, Quality Assurance, Analytical and Manufacturing Sensory, and Consumer Product Testing.

At Starbucks, Dal focuses on Product Insights of Beverage and Food, and Global Coffee Quality. His deep knowledge of product and consumer testing, and marketing research is applied to ensure each customer has the best approach and insights to solve their problem. Dal has been involved in IFT’s Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division, and in the Society of Sensory Professionals.

Notably, Dal was mentored by Rose Marie Pangborn while at U.C. Davis.

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